How I’ve Served

You know me.

As one of five elected officials to the Park District of Oak Park Board, I’ve helped deliver positive change to our community plus maintained fiscal responsibility. It’s a tricky balance, but we achieved it together. I’m very proud of that.

I take my role on the park board seriously. After all, our park district serves the recreational needs of the 52,000 residents and provides nearly 3,000 recreation programs and special events every year. Oak Park is not Oak Park without our parks.

My accomplishments on the board include:

  • Implementing over $60 million in renovating every park in the village without raising taxes or needing to go to referendum. $30 million of the capital investment came from issuing bonds which are being repaid, not by tax dollars, but by the increased revenue generated by the investments made in Ridgeland Common and the Gymnastic Center.

  • Increasing the range of programming to appeal to all our residents.

  • Increasing scholarships from $8k to $65k.

  • Partnering with District 97, District 200 and Fenwick High School to get access to gym and pool space so that our youth have access to open gyms and programming. 

  • Implementing cisterns to capture rain water, installing LED lights and solar panels which collectively resulted in an annual savings of $180k. 

  • Leading an effort asking all six Oak Park taxing bodies to agree to forgo the TIF roll offs for both Madison and Downtown as well as increased EAV due to new developments.  By foregoing the new EAV from new developments and the ending of the TIF, residents could see both a tax reduction and real benefit.