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I am very pleased to announced that I just received the endorsement of the OPRF Faculty Senate Executive Committee this week. The Senate will be sharing their endorsement with the members of the Illinois Education Association who reside in the communities of Oak Park and River Forest. Thank you!


I recently attended a D200 board meeting to offer my insight into how a collaboration between the Park District of Oak Park and D200 might work. The Wednesday Journal was there to capture my comments. They write:

Guarino said that the park district is looking to build a community recreation center somewhere in Oak Park and that the district hopes to collaborate with D200 about a comprehensive partnership that would go beyond a joint community recreational center. The River Forest Park District is not interested in the partnership, Guarino said. 

"Were hoping to have not just a discussion about a community recreational center, but more broadly beyond any facilities and not limited to a rec center itself," he said. "We're interested in partnering on a recreation center, a separate pool, gym, track, pretty much any facility that you might be interested in — not limited to a recreational center." 

He told school board members that "if we're going to partner, we're hoping to find a scope," such as "what facilities you're interested in, if there's some restriction on the proximity to the school, what funds might be available, because that limits the scope and size and what is your time table." 

Guarino said that the park district has "established a framework" for raising private donations, but that it "would be a mistake if the park district went out to look for private funds for a community rec center and the high school did something similar for their facilities, and we're competing with each other. At some point we should coordinate." 

Guarino told board members that the park district has identified an undisclosed site within Oak Park for a potential recreational center, but that the park district would not be against collaborating with OPRF to construct a shared facility, particularly a pool, on the high school's campus. 

"Would you consider moving the pool here?" asked board member Sara Dixon Spivey. 

"Yeah, just as long as the public has access to it," Guarino said. "We have plans, but we're willing to work with you and alter our plans, if needed, along those lines or look at other options if that makes sense for us." 

Guarino added that any facility or project completed as a result of a collaboration between the park district and OPRF would accommodate River Forest citizens "as if they're Oak Park citizens," since the latter also pay taxes to District 200.  

Read the full story here.


I just posted several new events in late February and throughout March. The include candidates forums at the Buzz Cafe (2/26), Irving School (2/27), Pilgrim Congregational Church (3/4), the Carleton Hotel (3/9), and the Oak Park Public Library (3/19). Come out and meet me to talk about the issues in Oak Park that most concern you. Check out my EVENTS page for dates and times!

I’m in the Chicago Tribune!

The Chicago Tribune came out and covered the candidate forum this week. According to the Tribune:

Guarino, who currently serves as president of the Park District of Oak Park board, said money spent on facilities projects should be spent first on academic benefits, while partnerships could be sought to address the pool issue.

“I think taxes in Oak Park and River Forest are at a tipping point and we have to be fiscally responsible,” Guarino said. “We should be spending our capital on areas that directly affect equity and academic achievement. For the pools, I would support a partnership with other governmental bodies to spread costs across the entire community and benefit the entire community.”

Read more here.

Meet the candidates January 21

We’re off to the races!

Meet me at the Oak Park Library — Yes, the site of my first high school job — for a candidate’s forum at 6 p.m. on Jan. 21. You deserve a candidate who will spend time talking through the issues WITH you in person.

Besides, we’re neighbors. Let’s get to know each other. Click the “events” tab above or “Learn More” below. See you there.